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February 18, 2008



Found your blog from Linda & Karen's site, and wanted to take a moment to applaud -- really loudly!

Bravo to the rational few who can remove the stardust of newness from their eyes and let the light of fact shine.

I was reading HuffPo tonight, and I'll be damned -- it IS like a cult of Obamatons! They don't care about all those "mundane" things, like experience, or plans, but they are ready for those miraculous "changes" Obama has promised. The specifics are hazy, but damnit, who says love has to make sense?

I cannot envision an America with McCain at the helm, and four years of Obama is sure to drive me every bit as crazy. One can say NOTHING negative about him without it being perceived or treated as a "personal attack". While his supporters are free to drudge up every piece of old dirt they can find on the Clinton's, we -- the Clinton supporters -- are made out to be divisive and worse if we want to discuss even the published facts about Obama.

Nope. Can't talk about his drug use, where he gets his money, what his wife said, why he was absent for a vote he dogged HRC on, and you certainly can't talk about plans, because who needs those when you've got a VISION and all those BELIEVERS?


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